5 Tips for Cleaning your Jewelry

Jewelry Cleaning Tips


Remove the residue and restore the sparkle on your pieces with these 5 easy tips for cleaning your jewelry...

  1. Use a mild cleaning solution: Create a gentle cleaning solution by mixing warm water with a few drops of mild dish soap or a specialized jewelry cleaner. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that can damage the metal or gemstones.

  2. Soak and gently scrub: Place your jewelry in the cleaning solution and let it soak for a few minutes to loosen any dirt or debris. Then, use a soft-bristle toothbrush or a jewelry brush to gently scrub the jewelry, paying attention to hard-to-reach areas and intricate details. Be careful not to scrub too vigorously to avoid scratching the metal or gemstones.

  3. Rinse thoroughly: After scrubbing, rinse your jewelry under warm running water to remove any soap residue. Ensure that all the cleaning solution is washed away, as lingering residue can cause dullness or discoloration over time.

  4. Pat dry with a soft cloth: Gently pat your jewelry dry with a soft, lint-free cloth. Avoid using tissues or paper towels, as they can leave fibers or scratches. Make sure to dry your jewelry completely before storing it to prevent moisture-related damage.

  5. Store properly: Store your fine jewelry in a clean, dry place, preferably in individual jewelry pouches or compartments to prevent scratching and tangling. Consider using anti-tarnish strips or silica gel packets to absorb moisture and prevent tarnishing. Keep your jewelry away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and chemicals to maintain its brilliance and longevity.

Please Note: Pearls should only be wiped with a soft, clean, lint-free cloth.  Avoid using any detergents or any abrasive and make sure they are fully dry before storing.  

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