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The EarStylist by Jo Nayor Unveils fEARce™ Earring Collection

Forming words like “Warrior”, “Resist”, and “Nasty”, these elegant climbers define the commitment and resolve of the millions of women, from Manhattan to Modesto, fighting for fairness, equality, and respect.

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Shoot for the Stars

In this age of social media and tabloid news, we often think of famous personalities when we say the word, “star” but for more than a millennium, people have used stars as beacons to guide them on their journeys and illuminate their nights. Those bright lights in the darkened skies have inspired storytellers that have used the heavens as the backdrop for countless literary works and films. Stars are central to the study of astrology and the belief that the stars have an influence on human affairs and the natural world. Stars also regularly occur in dreams. Their meaning is...

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Remember Mom

The English Poet Charles Lamb said a “Mother’s love grows by giving.” It’s true. From the very first moments of our children’s lives, we give nourishment, comfort, time, love and so much more.   For the most part, we ask for very little in return. But a couple of times of year, it’s our day! The homemade cards and gifts are loved and are not to be diminished but among all of those heartfelt expressions, there’s room to provide some guidance as well. Let your loved one’s know that something in gold and/or diamonds is equally appreciated. Create your own EarStory...

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Just in Time for the Holidays

From the day I started The, my goal was to replicate the services that I provide to my private clients by showcasing a curated collection of gold and diamond post earrings, cuffs and climbers that can be purchased individually or as a pair to fit your personal style.   As styles change, so does our collection, with new pieces being added regularly. With the holiday season approaching, I wanted to showcase some of the newest pieces in the collection. These represent just a few of the items that we’ve recently added so check back often. This stunning Diamond Name Climber...

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It’s all about the Ear Cuff

Perhaps the most frequently asked question I get from my clients is, “How do I put an ear cuff on the right way?” While it might seem obvious, there is a proper way to put on a cuff. Proper placement of a cuff will prevent damage to the piece and insure they are secure. Below you’ll find a few easy steps to wearing your ear cuff.     Secure cuff in between your thumb and forefinger Gently fit the cuff on the skinniest part on the top of your ear’s helix Roll the cuff down the ear to the desired location Most...

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