It’s all about the Ear Cuff

Perhaps the most frequently asked question I get from my clients is, “How do I put an ear cuff on the right way?” While it might seem obvious, there is a proper way to put on a cuff. Proper placement of a cuff will prevent damage to the piece and insure they are secure.

Below you’ll find a few easy steps to wearing your ear cuff.  


  1. Secure cuff in between your thumb and forefingerStep One - Proper Placement of an Ear Cuff
  2. Gently fit the cuff on the skinniest part on the top of your ear’s helixStep Two - Proper Placement of an Ear Cuff
  3. Roll the cuff down the ear to the desired locationStep Three - Proper Placement of an Ear Cuff
  4. Most importantly cuff needs to be securely positioned and comfortable. Never squeeze or pinch your ear cuffs as you will deform the cuff and likely pop the diamonds.Step Four - Proper Placement of an Ear Cuff

Have fun, be creative and feel fabulous!


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