It’s Written in the Stars

Since human existence began, stars have been used by cultures to relate stories of their beliefs, experiences and mythologies. They’ve been used as beacons for navigation and as a source of inspiration as we ponder our existence and look past our own world, wondering what lies beyond the celestial sky. Even today, stars are woven into the fabric of our society; from our flags and the shoulders of our generals to pop culture where being a star connotes success.

Stars are no less important to jewelry and to the stories that we often feature on our site and social media. Our stars collection features exquisite pieces from single solid 14K earrings to multi-star diamond necklaces. There are pieces for every look and every budget. Find the pieces that tell your story, be a beacon and shine bright!  

 Superstar 14K Gold and Diamond Star Hoop Earrings

 Super Star Diamond Earrings

Multi-Star Diamond Necklace - Jo Nayor Designs

Jo Nayor's Multi-Star Pave Diamond Necklace


The Stars Ear Climber

diamond star Serena bracelet - Jo Nayor Designs

The Diamond Star Serena Bracelet

Gold and Diamond Star Earrings - EarStylist by Jo Nayor

Gold and Diamond Pave Star Earrings 

Have fun, be creative and feel fabulous!


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