We Believe in Choice…The B Box

Life is all about choices. We make choices every day of our lives, some better than others. With the holidays approaching, making the right gift choice for that special someone can be especially difficult, if not downright impossible.

Over the last few weeks you may have noticed a number of new pieces in the collection. We’ve added more pieces from which to choose in rose, white, yellow and even black gold. But the new hoops, ear cuffs and posts are just the start because the EarStylist is bringing choice to a whole new level.

We’re excited to present our B Box, a six-earring set that you select from multiple styles and colors in any combination. Choose a star in every color, pairs of pyramids or a quartet of constellations. Mix and match in any way you want. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves variety or if you’re just looking to up your ear game. The choice is yours and you’ll save a lot too!

Have fun, be creative and feel fabulous!



The B Box

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