The Ear Stylist by Jo Nayor will be showcasing their stunning collection of studs, cuffs, climbers, hoops, huggies and hangers during this special one-day event at our Hudson Yards area studio. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the National Brain Tumor Society.  Ear Piercing is available during the event.  You can find our waiver here.


Ruby Ear Story


Aftercare and Cleaning Instructions

Step 1: Wash
 Always wash your hands prior to touching your pierced ears.

Step 2: Cleanse
 Cleanse the piercing twice daily, especially after shampooing, swimming, and exercising. Spray a saline wound wash or piercing aftercare spray over the front and back of your piercing.  Saline wound wash is available in the first aid aisle at any pharmacy or at online retailers like Amazon or Target. 

Step 3: Rotate 
After thorough cleaning, rotate the earring twice daily to prevent it from adhering to your ear. Spray the earring with saline, twist the earring a half turn in both directions then spray with saline wound wash again.

Step 4: Check
 With clean hands, do a quick daily check to ensure that earring backs are still securely in place but do not tighten. The placement of the earring and backings were done to allow room for normal swelling on both the front and back of the ear and for proper cleaning.

Step 5: Come see us at the Studio! 
Return for a follow-up visit in six to eight weeks to find the perfect pieces for your new piercing. Email us at to schedule your visit.