I Love a Good Ear Story

"Women should never go without earrings. Passing on them is an opportunity missed." - Jennifer Lopez

I knew there was a reason I loved J. Lo and she's right, why miss an opportunity to look fabulous and tell a great story at the same time?  Finding that perfect combination of climbers, studs, cuffs or hoops can make a statement, show creativity and portray your sense of style.  Putting those looks together is what I call creating an "Ear Story" and it's what I've helped my clients do for years.

There are no rules or minimum number of piercings to creating a great ear story.  Just like an artist may mix mediums or colors, you can mix metals, styles and themes.  Add the whimsy of a diamond butterfly to the boldness of an ear cage or climber or a white gold cuff with a rose gold triangle.  Just think of your ears as blank canvases and express yourself through the pieces you choose.

I started the EarStylist site to bring a curated collection of chic fine jewelry to anyone with internet access or a smart phone.  In the past, if you wanted to tell a different story in each ear, you had to purchase a pair of earrings even though you were only planning on wearing one.  The result is that most people just put on the pair and settle for matching sides.  It's convenient but that's about it.  You're entitled to have fun, be creative and switch things up.  They're your ears so go create a fantastic Ear Story!    

Wishing everyone the happiest of seasons and much prosperity in the New Year! 



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