New Year, New Ears!

With the Arctic jet stream bearing down on much of the country and winter finally upon us, bundling up is an obvious imperative.  And while the layers protect us from the elements they also cover up much of our bodies, leaving little opportunity to express our individual style. 

Personal expression should never be suppressed by winter’s biting winds and frosty air.  But, shining through like a beacon from beneath those countless cashmere, angora and merino folds are small canvases that say, it might be cold out but nothing’s going to mute my style.   

Try telling a great ear story.  It says to people that the winter blahs aren’t getting you down and that this is whom I am.   Heat things up a bit by mixing metals, adding an ear cuff or a statement ear climber that shows you’re not succumbing to the season’s frigid temperatures.  Remember, spring’s official start only two months away.

Keep warm and carry on!  



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