Shoot for the Stars

In this age of social media and tabloid news, we often think of famous personalities when we say the word, “star” but for more than a millennium, people have used stars as beacons to guide them on their journeys and illuminate their nights. Those bright lights in the darkened skies have inspired storytellers that have used the heavens as the backdrop for countless literary works and films. Stars are central to the study of astrology and the belief that the stars have an influence on human affairs and the natural world.

Stars also regularly occur in dreams. Their meaning is still open for debate but many believe that they represent the highest ideals, a belief in oneself and achieving our loftiest goals. Stars are symbols of optimism, determination and new starts so it stands to reason that they are often emblazoned upon our clothing and our on bodies.

So with that in mind, here are some brilliant ideas to dazzle and remind you to believe in yourself and shoot for the stars!

Medium Pave Diamond Star

Bring out your inner rocker with skulls and stars 

Large Diamond Star Hoops

A modern take on the classic hoop with this large diamond star hoop

Pave Diamond Star Earrings

A large and medium pave star are a perfect pairing 

Diamond Star Climber Earring

The stars are definitely aligned with a starry climber

Gold and Diamond Star Cluster Post Earring

This star cluster post earring is trifecta of perfection

Have fun, be creative and feel fabulous!



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