The EarStylist by Jo Nayor Unveils fEARce™ Earring Collection

Warrior Ear Climber
Luxury jeweler celebrates empowered women with symbolic one-word messages

Hear us roar. Watch us shine!

The EarStylist by Jo Nayor™ is proud to announce the arrival of the fEARce™ collection — a spectacular gold-and-diamond earring series honoring strong, independent women the world over. A portion of the proceeds will go to charities supporting women’s rights and education.  

Known for its signature “EarStories”, the NYC-based brand continues this trend with a collection that does more than dazzle the ear, it demands we both look and listen. Forming words like “Warrior”, “Fierce”, and “Nasty”, these elegant climbers define the commitment and resolve of the millions of women, from Manhattan to Mumbai, fighting for fairness, equality, and respect.

Inspired by the recent spate of women’s marches, The EarStylist founder and chief designer Jamie Nayor saw the fEARce™ collection as an opportunity to demonstrate her own defiance to the absurdity and hypocrisy of today’s social and political climate. “In the streets and in the legislature, the voices of women fed up with insulting and archaic ideas are being heard,” said Ms. Nayor. “We will not accept less pay. We will not be told what to do with our bodies. And we will not stand idly by as our rights are threatened and our dignity is stripped. At the same time, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, a go-to choice for the chic and stylish. So I find myself with an opportunity to play a small yet meaningful role in this important movement.”

To that end, the company intends to donate a portion of the profits to help protect and improve the rights of women and girls, especially those most at risk.

The custom collection is available for pre-order exclusively at Each beautiful, meticulously handcrafted piece is made-to-order, so please expect about four weeks for delivery.


ABOUT The EarStylist by Jo Nayor

The EarStylist was founded under the premise that, like fashion, jewelry, especially earrings, should make a statement and tell a story. Featuring a custom curated collection of fine jewelry meant to inspire, the eclectic pieces all have one thing in common: a thrilled customer. For more information about the fEARce™ collection, please visit For all other inquiries, please email

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